Angelina Jolie & Halle Berry To Face Off In “Bond Vs Bourne”-Type Action Movie

Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry will go head to head in the action thrilled Maude v Maude, which has been described as a “Bond Vs Bourne” Type film.

Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry will go head-to-head in the upcoming action movie Maude v Maude. Berry and Jolie are not strangers to the action film scene. Jolie has acted in action hits such as Salt and The Tourist, and Berry has contributed her talents to action films like X-MenCatwoman, and Die Another Day.

Now, the two stars will team up in the upcoming film Maude v Maude. According to Deadline, the film has been described as a “Bond vs. Bourne” action thriller. Maude v Maude was picked up by Warner Bros. The film is written by Scott Mosier and will be directed by Roseanne Liang. In addition to starring, both Jolie and Berry are signed on to produce.

Maude v Maude Is A First For Halle Berry & Angelina Jolie

Though the two actors are seasoned veterans in the action and thriller genres, Maude v Maude will mark the first time Berry and Jolie work together on the big screen. With such vast filmographies behind them, Maude v Maude will hopefully allow the stars to shine to their fullest potential.

Maude v Maude is also a significant move within both Berry and Jolie’s careers. Though both have many credits to their name, the actors have recently been more selective in their projects. Since 2019, Berry has starred in just three feature films (John Wick: Chapter 3Bruised, and Moonfall), and Jolie has selected five. In both cases, these film counts represent significant slowdowns for the accomplished actors.

Hopefully, their recent selectivity implies that Maude v Maude is a worthwhile project. With Jolie and Berry both producing in addition to acting, the two will have some control as the studio makes major decisions in regard to the film. Few details have been released about Maude v Maude, but as more news comes out, Jolie and Berry’s choice of this film could prove to be good.

Source: ScreenRant