Arnold Schwarzenegger, Biking and Fubar: What a Combination!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Hollywood legend and former governor of California, chose to go for a bike ride in Vienna recently, little did he expect the sheer joy he was about to experience.

What started out as an afternoon leisure cycling activity rapidly transformed into a ‘feel-good’ moment when he stumbled upon a colossal poster dedicated to his new show on Netflix Fubar! A visibly delighted Schwarzenegger jumped off his bike and soon began to take selfies with the poster of Fubar in the background.

For those who don’t know, Fubar is an upcoming action-adventure series based on Schwarzenegger’s beloved character from his 2006 movie Last Stand. The announcement of the series had already had the internet buzzing with excitement, and seeing the giant poster up close was naturally thrilling for Arnold.

Source: Twitter