Funko Unveils ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ Cuddly Plush Collection

The collection includes an adorable Cosmo the Space Dog.

Now that the third and final film from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise looms closer on the horizon, Funko, the toy company that has so far released an extensive amount of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. III collectibles, has made fans’ lives even more endearing, and—allow us to say—”cuddlier,” as new Guardians-inspired plush collections are now available for purchase, featuring the members of the galaxy’s misfits in an adorable plushie collection.

The new Funko release features four characters from the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, including Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, and Cosmo the Space Dog, which all retail for $13.00 each. The new wave of Guardians plush is an addition to Funko’s recently released collectibles, particularly Pop figures, such has the Groot with Wings miniature collection, colorful blacklight bobbleheads, and the latest galaxy villain, Adam Warlock.

Apart from Funko, though, Hasbro has also joined the trend and released its respective Guardians‘ action figures and toys, in addition to other toy companies versions of Guardians figures. However, the plush line is certainly a comforting release, considering that the upcoming film will be the last galactic journey of the guardians (or the last from the original cast members and characters, at least).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will be James Gunn‘s last Marvel project, will center see Chris Pratt‘s Peter Quill who leads the team on a new mission that to protect Rocket from the monsters of his past. However, this mission will likely lead to the end of the team as we know it.

The Guardians One Final Galactic Adventure

While the kick-off of the MCU’s Phase 5 has hit quite a rough patch with the underwhelming reception of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third Guardians of the Galaxy outing is expected to make up for those shortcomings, given that the film will serve as the titular heroes’ final sendoff as well as Gunn’s Marvel Swan Song. And though the gang will soon say goodbyes to the franchise, fans can expect one final emotional galactic ride, as Gunn himself promised. Also, while the Guardians’ spaceship closes, another portal opens for the upcoming MCU projects, including The MarvelsSecret Invasion, and the second season of Loki.

The final ride of the space misfits takes off on May 5. You can check out the adorable plush collection of Star-LordRocketGroot, and Cosmo below.

Source: Collider