James McAvoy Reuniting With Split Studio Blumhouse For New Horror Movie

James McAvoy is reuniting with Split studio Blumhouse for the remake of Speak No Evil, 2022’s critically-acclaimed Danish psychological horror.

James McAvoy has been cast in the Speak No Evil remake from Blumhouse Productions, the horror studio behind M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and Glass. The actor began his career in the mid-90s with minor roles in film and television before rising to stardom in the acclaimed historical drama The Last King of Scotland. McAvoy followed the BAFTA-nominated supporting role with the lead in Atonement and subsequently became a household name when he took the role of mutant leader Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise prequel reboot, X-Men: First Class. McAvoy soon proved his versatility with his turn to psychological horror in Split, portraying a frightening villain struggling to control 23 distinct personalities.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, McAvoy is set to reunite with Blumhouse for another psychological horror film, Speak No Evil. The film is a remake of the critically-acclaimed Danish 2022 thriller Gæsternereleased as Speak No Evil in several countries outside of Denmark. The McAvoy-led remake is slated to premiere in theaters on August 9, 2024.

Everything We Know About Speak No Evil

Although McAvoy’s role in the Speak No Evil remake has yet to be revealed, he may play the counterpart role of Bjørn, one-half of a Danish couple on vacation in Tuscany. Bjørn, with his wife Louise and their daughter Agnes, runs into a Dutch couple Patrick and Karin, and their son Abel. Weeks after their fateful rendezvous, Bjørn and Louise receive an invitation to travel to the Netherlands to stay with the Dutch family. However, the seemingly innocuous gathering turns out to be anything but that offering.

The Woman in Black and Eden Lake director James Watkins will both write and direct the Speak No Evil remake. Blumhouse Productions founder and CEO Jason Blum will produce with the original film’s writer-director Christian Tafdrup serving as executive producer. So far, no additional cast members have been announced.

Although Speak No Evil (2022) was praised by both critics and audiences alike, it failed to earn a profit at the box office. With a budget of €2.8 million (roughly $3.07 million), the Danish psychological horror garnered only $623,462 worldwide. However, with a facelift from Blumhouse, the major studio behind some of the top horror and thriller films in the past decade, including The Purge, Get Out, and The Invisible Man, perhaps McAvoy can bring the film greater financial success.

Source: ScreenRant