Original Superman (1978) storyboarding images to go on display at London’s Rare Book Fair

Rare bookseller Hyraxia Books will be bringing a series of original storyboard drawings made by Ivor Beddoes for the first scene in 1978’s Superman, the hero’s first cinematic appearance.

London’s Rare Book Fair has seen some extraordinary works of art in its long and illustrious history. From remarkable manuscripts to the event’s signature rare book finds, there seems to be something showcased in each year that captures the attention and admiration of many. This year’s fair is no exception, as rare bookseller Hyraxia Books will be bringing a remarkable collection of original storyboard drawings made by Ivor Beddoes for the first scene in 1978’s Superman.

The 1978 film adaptation of Superman, starring Christopher Reeve and directed by director Richard Donner, was a milestone in both film history and comic book culture. It was the first cinematic adaptation of the beloved comic book character and was met with a fervent response from audiences. Not only was it one of the top-grossing films of the year, but the movie’s legacy has endured to this day with Superman being looked to as a model for heroism and justice.

For the film’s first scene, the opening credits of this momentous entry in comic book movie history, Beddoes was responsible for the storyboarding of the images. In a few quickly drawn images, he was able to capture the essence of Superman’s heroism, creating an intriguing introduction that never failed to draw a response from audience members. Though the rest of the film contains stellar visual effects and cinematography, these storyboards played a special role in the iconic movie’s success.

These storyboard images will be on display at the London Rare Book Fair, and it’s an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of this incredible artist and to remember how much impact Superman had on moviegoers at the time of its release. It’s also a chance to remember the legacy of the beloved film and its legacy as one of the most influential comic book movies of all time.

London’s Rare Book Fair will take place from 19-21 May 2023. The fair will host over 100 international antiquarian dealers at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea.

Source: Flint Culture