Kelvin Harrison Jr. Says Scar Is Still “Very Spicy” in ‘The Lion King’ Prequel

Harrison will star as the villainous lion in ‘Mufasa’ alongside Aaron Pierre in the titular role.

One simply can’t get enough of The Lion King and Disney knows it well as the studio is set to tell a new story in the universe. While we all know Simba’s story pretty well when the studio announced The Lion King live-action prequel movie fans were intrigued. The feature is helmed by acclaimed director Barry Jenkins and features Aaron Pierre and Kelvin Harrison Jr. as younger versions of the Mufasa and Scar, respectively. While most plot details are kept tightly under wraps Harrison spoke about his experience making the movie with Fandango in a recent chat.

“We’re going to get to really get a backstory to Scar, and he’s hilarious,” Harrison tells. Scar will go on to usurp the throne of Pride Land from his brother, “He is still very, very spicy. He is also the sweetest, the sweetest young lion you ever met, too,” he further adds “So it’s going to be fun seeing the relationship between Scar and Mufasa. So that’s what I can say.”

Speaking about Jenkins the actor was all praise for his vision and process. He said, “You know, Barry moves fast. Even though we’ve been working on this movie for two years, Barry moves fast. You better think fast if you’re working with Barry Jenkins because he’s smart as a whip, and he’s not messing around.” He adds jokingly, “He’s not about to sit there and slow down because your little pea brain can’t figure out how to make a lion come to life.”

What’s The Lion King Prequel About?

The prequel seems to take on the Disney children’s book A Tale of Two Brothers, which was written by Alex Simmons in 1994 as a tie-in to The Lion King which sees Rafiki tells Simba’s son, Kopa, a tale about Mufasa and Scar. Harrison tells of Jenkin’s vision, “It’s been so fun. He’s such a visionary and the movie is stunning.”

The actor also reveals he’s seen some footage divulging, “Like when I look at some of it, I was so honestly a little skeptical when I first started. I was like, all right, I really want to play Scar. But I don’t really know how to do a lot of action things going to work out. But it looks beautiful so far.” The studio previously revealed some footage of the feature at D23 which revealed John Kani voicing Rafiki, and Billy Eichner voicing Timon.

Currently, no release date has been set for Mufasa, but while we wait for further information, you can check out Harrison’s comments below:

Source: Collider