The Duel (2024) Official Trailer

Lionsgate Movies

The Duel – Watch the trailer now! One Night Only In Theaters July 31.

Starring Dylan Sprouse, Callan McAuliffe, Denny Love, Hart Denton, María Gabriela De Faría, Rachel Matthews, Christian McGaffney, Ronald Guttman, and Patrick Warburton.

Upon discovering that his best friend, Colin, has been having an affair with his girlfriend, Woody decides that no modern form of revenge could possibly satisfy him. Instead, Woody challenges his closest companion to a classic contest of honor – a gentleman’s duel to the death. When two of their friends join the act, the once inseparable group of men inch closer to the day of destiny and test the bonds of their relationship until the moment of no return. Patrick Warburton and Dylan Sprouse star in a killer comedy about the price of betrayal and the power of friendship.