The Reluctant Traveler — Season 2 Official Trailer 

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Eugene Levy normally hates traveling. In this 8-part globetrotting series, The Reluctant Traveler, the Emmy® Award-winning actor steps out of his comfort zone and takes us to some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

After confronting some of his long-held fears in season one, Emmy Award winner Eugene Levy steps out of his comfort zone once again. This time, he’s embarking on a ‘must do’ journey for any respectable globetrotter – a grand tour of Europe. The seven-part second season of the acclaimed country-hopping travel series follows Levy as he makes his way from the very north of the continent to the very south. Along the way, he unearths stunning hidden local gems, discovers his family tree and attempts to broaden his taste buds while experiencing the region’s most unique destinations along the way. Join him as he goes on the trip of a lifetime he never knew he needed.