The Twilight Saga Is Getting Rebooted as a TV Series

The Twilight Saga is taking a page from Harry Potter as the franchise will be rebooted for the small screen.

The next franchise to get a reboot put into the works is The Twilight Saga. Originally a book series authored by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight was adapted for the big screen starting with the original feature film in 2008. Five movies would ultimately be released for The Twilight Saga between then and 2012, concluding the story of the love triangle between Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner).

The Hollywood Reporter now reports that The Twilight Saga is set to be reimagined in the form of a television series. The project is said to be in its early stages at Lionsgate Television, though it notably does not yet have a network or streaming platform to call home. Given the previous success of the franchise, however, the series shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a spot to land, though it remains unclear when it will be ready to be shopped to potential buyers.

According to the new report, Meyer will be involved with the Twilight series, but to which extent remains unknown. Wyck Godfrey and Erik Feig are serving as executive producers. No other names are announced for the project, and given that it’s a reboot, we can presume that the characters will all be recast, though special appearances from some of the actors from the feature films would seemingly not be out of the question.

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob Is Back On

During the heyday of The Twilight Saga, perhaps the most talked about feud of the time was the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob pitting with fans of the films. Some wanted to see Bella Swan wind up with the former, while others were rooting for her to go with the latter. We can presume that a new TV series will rekindle this feud to some extent, even if there are new actors in the roles. Of course, that all remains to be seen, as there are no guarantees that a TV reboot will be as successful as the movie series.

In any case, it’s a roll of the dice that Lionsgate Television wants to take. Perhaps it doesn’t hurt seeing the folks over at HBO Max (soon to be just Max) doing something similar with the Harry Potter brand. It was recently announced that Harry Potter is getting rebooted for the small screen, so with that in mind, it’s not quite as strange seeing another popular movie series from that same era similarly getting revamped.

Source: MovieWeb