The Wonder Weeks | Official Trailer 


In the comedy “The Wonder Weeks” we meet three couples. First we meet successful career-focused Anne (Sallie Harmsen), who discovers after her maternity leave that her life has changed a lot since having a baby and doesn’t make her relationship with her husband Barry (Soy Kroon) any easier. Seeking help she joins a Mama’s club, a society for mothers founded by Kim (Katja Schuurman).

Kim is married to Roos (Sarah Chronis) and together they raise two children with the help of their good friend Kaj (Louis Talpe). Ilse (Yolanthe Cabau) and her husband Sabri (Iliass Ojja) also have their challenges. They are struggling to figure out the best way to raise their child as they both come from different cultural backgrounds. This causes friction in their relationship, especially when Sabri’s mother moves in to help out.