Week 11. – Film News – Venom and the SPUMC?, Zendaya connect to Spider Universe?

Exploring the Multiversal Possibilities: Zendaya’s MJ and the Spider-Suit Variations

A recent Instagram post by @buffy2ville has sparked fan excitement by showcasing Zendaya’s MJ in a diverse array of Spider-Man suits against a backdrop of chaotic New York City ruins. From familiar MCU Spider-Man attire to unique interpretations like a monochrome Gwen Stacy suit, the artwork delves into imaginative possibilities for Zendaya’s character in the wake of recent multiversal events in the MCU.

With details still scarce regarding the upcoming MCU Spider-Man 4, speculation abounds regarding Zendaya’s MJ and her role in Peter Parker’s future adventures. The character’s arc, including the memory wipe at the conclusion of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” has left fans pondering her fate and potential narrative directions. As Peter grapples with newfound anonymity and the aftermath of recent losses, the prospect of a new love interest for the web-slinger looms on the horizon.

As fans eagerly await further developments, Zendaya’s star power, coupled with lingering plot threads and MJ’s enduring popularity, suggests that her presence will remain a significant factor in the evolving Spider-Man saga.

Jason Momoa Teases Return of Duncan Idaho in Dune: Part Three

Fans of the Dune franchise may have reason to rejoice as Jason Momoa hints at a potential return of his character, Duncan Idaho, in the upcoming Dune: Part Three. Duncan, a loyal warrior who met a tragic end in the first film, may be making a comeback despite his demise.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Momoa dropped tantalizing hints about his involvement in the future of Dune, though he remained coy about specifics to avoid trouble with the producers. While Duncan’s fate seemed sealed in the original Dune, Momoa’s comments suggest a revival of the character, possibly in line with Frank Herbert’s original novels.

In Herbert’s books, Duncan’s story doesn’t end with his death but continues as he returns as a ghola—a clone with the memories of his past life. This plot twist, crucial to the narrative of Dune Messiah and potentially Part Three, opens the door for Momoa’s character to play a significant role once again.

While details remain scarce, Momoa’s enthusiasm to reprise his role indicates exciting possibilities for the future of the Dune saga. As fans eagerly await further developments, the return of Duncan Idaho promises to add depth and intrigue to the unfolding epic.

Exploring Sony’s Spider-Verse: What’s Next for Venom and the SPUMC?

Sony’s Spider-Man universe is gearing up for significant developments in 2024, with a slate of films expanding the comic book universe. While Madame Web’s introduction kickstarted the year, the upcoming debut of Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven The Hunter promises to add new dimensions to the cinematic universe. Additionally, Tom Hardy is set to return for his third outing as Venom, with fresh details emerging about the film.

Titled “Venom: The Last Dance,” the upcoming installment hints at a possible conclusion to the Venom trilogy or perhaps an unexpected twist akin to Magic Mike. Directed and written by Kelly Marcel, who previously worked on the Venom franchise, the film is scheduled for release on October 25th and features new additions to the cast, including Juno Temple, Clark Backo, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


One intriguing aspect is how the film will address Eddie Brock’s brief foray into the MCU, as teased in the end credits of “Venom: Let There Be Carnage.” Eddie’s encounter with the Marvel universe, courtesy of Doctor Strange’s spell, raises questions about continuity and potential crossovers. However, it remains to be seen how this storyline will unfold when “The Last Dance” hits theaters this October.

With speculation rife about the film’s plot and its ties to the wider Spider-Verse, fans eagerly await more details as the release date approaches. As Sony continues to expand its Spider-Man-adjacent universe, “Venom: The Last Dance” promises to be a thrilling addition to the franchise, offering new twists and turns for audiences to enjoy.

Behind the Scenes: The Unsexy Reality of Filming Intimate Scenes

In a recent interview, Katy O’Brian, co-star alongside Kristen Stewart in “Love Lies Bleeding,” shed light on the not-so-glamorous reality of filming intimate scenes. Contrary to popular belief, O’Brian emphasized that the process is far from “sexy,” with various technical aspects detracting from any perceived allure.

According to O’Brian, extensive discussions between actors, intimacy coordinators, and directors precede the filming of intimate scenes. Nudity riders included in contracts detail every aspect of what will be shown, ensuring clear boundaries and consent from all parties involved. Any deviation from the agreed-upon script requires additional approvals and paperwork, emphasizing the meticulous nature of these sequences.

Modesty garments and other materials, including tape and cut-out yoga mats, are employed to ensure the comfort and modesty of the cast during intimate scenes. O’Brian humorously recounted being provided with a hockey cup for protection, while co-star Dave Franco used a deflated yoga ball as a buffer. Despite these precautions, the atmosphere on set remained anything but seductive, with the focus primarily on technical considerations rather than romantic chemistry.

Director Rose Glass echoed O’Brian’s sentiments, highlighting the distractions of cameras, microphones, and choreography during filming. Even in moments intended to convey intimacy, the cast and crew remain preoccupied with logistical concerns, such as camera stability and shot composition. Glass humorously recalled instances where camera operators, though surrounded by intimate scenes, were more concerned about the strain on their arms than the on-screen action.

Overall, O’Brian and Glass’s insights provide a candid glimpse into the meticulous planning and technical considerations involved in filming intimate scenes. Far from being glamorous or seductive, the process underscores the importance of clear communication, consent, and professionalism on set.