Week 25. – Movie News – Nobody 2 Gears Up for Production

“Nobody 2” Gears Up for Production: What to Expect from the Sequel

Nobody 2 Gears Up for Production: What to Expect from the Sequel

The highly anticipated sequel to “Nobody,” starring Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell, is set to begin filming in January 2025. Directed by Ilya Naishuller and written by Derek Kolstad, “Nobody 2” promises to delve deeper into Hutch’s enigmatic past and explore his family’s dynamics. The first film’s mid-credit scene hinted at more action, with Hutch, Harry, and David embarking on a mysterious RV trip filled with weapons.

While the release date is yet to be officially confirmed, expectations point towards a late 2024 premiere, assuming the production timeline remains on track. The first film only took 34 days to shoot, suggesting that the sequel could follow a similar schedule. Despite the delays caused by the 2023 Writers and Actors strikes, the production team is optimistic about delivering another action-packed installment.

Bob Odenkirk’s return is virtually guaranteed, with the actor expressing enthusiasm for continuing the story, potentially envisioning a trilogy. Alongside him, it’s likely that RZA and Christopher Lloyd will reprise their roles as Harry and David Mansell, respectively, although official casting confirmations are still pending.

Fans can anticipate not only intense action sequences but also potential connections to the John Wick universe, given the involvement of David Leitch and Derek Kolstad. With no trailer released yet, promotional materials are expected to start appearing around mid-2024, building excitement for what promises to be a thrilling follow-up to one of the best action movies in recent yearsó.

Shrek 5 and Donkey Spinoff

Eddie Murphy has confirmed his interest in reprising his role as Donkey for “Shrek 5” and is also enthusiastic about a potential Donkey spinoff. Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri has hinted that these projects are in development, with the original cast likely returning, including Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz.

Murphy has expressed that Donkey deserves a standalone movie, especially considering the success of the Puss in Boots spin-offs. This sentiment is supported by Meledandri, who has teased that a Donkey-centric film could indeed happen.

“Shrek 5” aims to bring back the charm and humor of the original films, with a fresh storyline that continues the beloved franchise. Fans of the series can look forward to both the sequel and the spinoff, potentially expanding the Shrek universe in exciting new directions.

“Love Lies Bleeding” Streaming Release Details

“Love Lies Bleeding,” directed by Rose Glass and featuring Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian, is set to be available for streaming soon. After its theatrical release on March 8, 2024, the film is anticipated to be available on Video on Demand (VOD) starting April 26, 2024. This timeline follows A24’s typical release strategy of a 45-day window between theatrical and digital releases.

The movie, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, has received positive reviews, holding a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It tells the story of a reclusive gym manager who falls in love with an ambitious bodybuilder, intertwining romance with elements of crime and family drama.

For those waiting for streaming options, “Love Lies Bleeding” will eventually be available on Max, though this is expected to occur around mid-July, adhering to a longer waiting period typical of A24 films transitioning to streaming platforms.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Update

The sequel to the 2014 sci-fi hit “Edge of Tomorrow” is gaining momentum as director Doug Liman has confirmed the completion of the script. Despite the project facing significant delays due to the busy schedules of its stars, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, recent developments have renewed hope for the film’s production. Tom Cruise’s new deal with Warner Bros. has particularly fueled this optimism, with the studio eager to proceed with the highly anticipated sequel.

Warner Bros. is committed to bringing back the original cast and crew, aiming to recapture the success of the first film. The original movie, known for its innovative take on the time-loop concept and intense action sequences, left fans eager for more. The sequel promises to delve deeper into the story, continuing the journey of Cruise’s character, Major William Cage, and Blunt’s Rita Vrataski, as they face new challenges and enemies.

Doug Liman’s involvement, coupled with the renewed interest from Warner Bros. and the availability of the lead actors, suggests that “Edge of Tomorrow 2” is closer to becoming a reality. With the script ready and the studio’s backing, the film is poised to build on the original’s legacy, offering audiences another thrilling, high-stakes adventure in a futuristic setting. Fans are eagerly awaiting further announcements on the production schedule and release date.